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The picture of wal mart yesterday and plastic cookie tins with batch sugar cookies As mentioned in my previous post, in the Christmas spirit, I decided to make cookies for people in my office. I decided I would make sugar, chocolate chip (my signature cookie), and no-bake cookies. I wanted to get them done last night b/c most people are out next week on vacation. So I went to Wal-mart yesterday on my lunch break and got all my ingredients, plus plastic cookie tins for $1.00 each. I printed out recipes and planned on leaving work a little early to get a good head start.

At the last minute, I got assigned a small project to do. I saved the data to my computer and decided to work on it when I got home, after baking all the cookies. I got home around 5:30, let Jolee and the chickens out and started my baking. Ive never made sugar cookies before, so I had to follow the recipe and take my time. I got the batter mixed, then I had 8 minutes while one of my pans was cooking (and one cooling and one ready to go in the oven) to get chores done. Break 1, I threw some laundry in. Break 2, I changed the chicks waterer. Break 3, I started cooking the chickens treat of rice and eggs, Break 4, I went out and fed the chickens, Break 5, I divided the rice up between four bowls to let it cool, Break 6, I washed cookie tins to set out to dry. Break 7, I put wax paper in all the tins, Break 8, I tried one of the sugar cookiestheyre good! so I was doing all this while getting the next batch ready to go in, etc. On my second to last batch of sugar cookies, I started making my chocolate chip cookies. I decided to double the recipe to make sure the tins got full. I put my first batch of chocolate chip cookies in and they came out HORRIBLE. They were all flat and gross looking. The next set was a little better, but still not my signature cookies. So I threw some more flour into the batter and mixed it in. By the 5th pan of choc. chip cookies, they were starting to look a little better. So I decided to try my hand at no-bake cookies.

Ive never made no-bake cookies, but I love to eat them. I read on the recipe that boiling the ingredients is VERY important. If you boil too long, the cookies will be too crumbly. If you dont boil long enough, the cookies wont stick together. So I started pre-heating the mixture to melt my butter.Jimmy calls at this time (he had been helping his mom put up her Christmas tree). I tell him I cant talk b/c I have ten different things going at once. So I start the very-important 1.5 minute boiling process but I had to count b/c I didnt have a to-the-second timer. As Im counting,Jimmy calls again. I dont answer, but remember that the microwave has a timer. I get the timer set (counting the whole time to not mess up the mixture) and callJimmy back. He wants me to look under our bed for his steel toe boots. I tell him Ill try, but cant promise anything.

The timer goes off and I pull the mixture off the burner and add the oatmeal, peanut butter, and vanilla. I mix it all together then run to see if Jimmyssteel toed bootsare under the bed. I come back, put the clothes that are in the washer in the dryer, grab the latest choc. chip cookies out of the oven, put another batch in, and start spooning no-bake cookies onto the wax paper on the counter.

This is whenJimmy finally gets home, along with one of his moms friends who needs Jimmys steel toed boots. I proudly give him one of my best looking sugar cookies. He splits it with his moms friend. He takes a bite, chews, and says.

It tastes a little flour-y. and his moms friend follows up with:

Yeah, what do you think Jimmy, they need more sugar?

I narrowed my eyes as horns grew out of my head. They didnt seem to notice as my head spun around in a complete circle. I had been running myself ragged and he says THAT?! He cant just smile and say Mmm theyre good?!?!?!? I hadnt even had a break to SIT DOWN and he says THEY TASTE FLOUR-Y?!?!?

Then, THEN, he continues on to say Here try a chocolate chip cookie she makes really good chocolate chip cookies, but she doesnt do too well with other cookies. By now my eyes are bugging out of my head (if youve seen my mom mad, you know what I mean) and I feel like throwing something, AND never baking OR cooking for him ever again.

Needless to say, I did the silent treatment and fumed while I finished the no-bake cookies.Jimmy cornered me and I said everything in the above two paragraphs and more. He followed up with apologies and said Theyre good! Theyre good! I think I just had a little flour spot! The second bite was great!

My pride was hurt, but I finished the cookies and have heard nothing but compliments from everybody today. And the sugar cookies did NOT taste flour-y.

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