Whole Wheat Pancakes (with a twist or 3) Tokyo Terrace

Since moving to Japan, I have found that my level of craftiness in the kitchen has increased quite a bit. It is not as convenient (or cost effective) to go to the grocery store and buy ingredients that were commonplace in our kitchen in the U.S. I am grateful for this because it has lead me to developing more unique, interesting recipes that utilize ingredients in new ways. Jam, for example, can become a salad dressing with the addition of a little oil and vinegar. Honey can become more than... Read More

Laura Castellini s Pizza

The picture of array inch round tins and toppingsgorgonzola tomato sauce with chair lauras crust The first time I ate Lauras pizza she made twenty-four of them for a group of six people. When we walked into her familys centuries-old walled garden in Radicondoli, her husband, Marco, showed us their wood-fired oven, which was alight with red coals. He said it would be... Read More

PAVLOVA do you have a food

The picture of friend mine texted and place friday night with place egg whites I know, I shouldnt say that. I usually prefer healthy food, but I have to admit that whipped cream is sooo good!

I mean, its obviously not the best food ever, but to have it once in a while its ok. Right?

Few days ago a friend of mine texted me saying:

How about a BBQ at my place on Friday night?

Sounds good!

And... Read More

Light layer crumbs

The picture of light layer crumbs and lump ice cream with cream isn hand If you dont know what Street 11 is, you probably live nowhere close to it. Their ad campaign was just borderline annoying. You couldnt turn your head without their red n yellow posters, banners and wood-back pickets. So we haaad to go check it out.

Fried ice cream

Well this dessert is quite rare in a semi restaurant, fast-food joint mixture.... Read More

Holiday Party Hosting Tips

The picture of week attire plan and host bartender cook housekeeper with beverages plan signature drink Invitees Pick the perfect number. Pick a comfortable number and do not overwhelm yourself. Have both old and new friends. Introduce new people to the group. Pick people that can make conversation flow without having to put a lot of effort into it.

Planning Plan out your week. Plan the menu early, and make your grocery... Read More

Birthday Cake Pops Decorative Cookies

The picture of sister law suzanne and chocolate sponge chocolate ganache with gumpaste flower tips Its a lot of fun when you get to make something for family and more so when you get to surprise them! My sister-in-law Suzanne turned 40 this week, and she thought she was just going out to dinner with her husband. But somehow he managed to gather her close friends without... Read More