Autonomous Education Vegetarianism and Autonomous Eating

The picture of omnivores vegetarianism hah and food choices supermarkets cafes I’m a vegetarian. I have been since my early twenties. Cupcake also refers to herself as a vegetarian.

Do I love that she is vegetarian? Am I proud that she is vegetarian? Would I be disappointed if she started eating animals? No, no, and no again.

This does not mean my commitment... Read More

Beets watercress radishes berries

I used to have a hell of a time with acne. I looked monstrous, no medicine could help. Luckily, there are foods that promote healthy, glowing skin (and some that promote the opposite). Cutting out dairy and refined foods helped a LOT. After finding out what exactly is good for your skin, I incorporated more of those in my diet.... Read More

Vegan diet kale

One of the most annoying question vegetarians and vegans are asked is Where do you get your protein? For a long time my response was, by eating people who ask me that question. For some insane reason, the general population seems to think that the only way to obtain protein, calcium and iron is by eating the flesh of dead animals. I dont really want to be a flesh eating zombie, (among other reasons environmental, physical and spiritual) so I have chosen to get my protein from... Read More

Vegan biscuits and gravy

I got home from work on Monday thinking I would make the scrambled tofu in Vegan with a Vengeance, but I didnt have the necessary vegetables. I browsed through the adjacent pages instead, and was hit with a bolt of inspiration when I realized I had tempeh in my fridge. Three recipes, a truckload of dirty dishes, and an hour later, I emerged from my kitchen flour-dusted, sweaty, and triumphant.

As it turns out, making vegan biscuits and gravy is quite an endeavor. But despite the fact... Read More

Breakfast lunch dinner

The phrase stick to your ribs comes to mind here. If you like hearty, peppery cream gravy (without the cream), this is a breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for you. Feel free to add as much pepper as you like.

The flaky, buttery biscuits come from the Veganomicon recipe for Leek and Bean Cassoulet with Biscuits (pg. 172) and theyre so easy to make. Just make the biscuits as directed, cut them into circles, and bake on a cookie sheet in a 425 degree F oven for about 10 minutes. Everyone in... Read More

2 Weeks Vegan The Experiment

The picture of vegetables grains legumes fruits and weeks wasnt challenge with kind diet none Yep, this grass-fed steak loving, pastured eggs enamored, burrata obsessed gal went full-on vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and nuts.

And you guys, I actually hate to say this, but Ive never felt better.


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