2010 Slapstick Analysis!

The picture of habit drinking coffee and use plenty splenda with starbucks mcdonald coffee A consultant I often confer with on the job once told me that he does not drink coffee with cream or sugar the second any of that stuff is added, it is no longer coffee, he said. Wise words, believe it or not, spoken to me in January of 2009. At the time, I was one who loaded my coffee up with cream and Splenda. Someones simple preference... Read More

My Morning Pick Me Up

The picture of sodas isnt coffee and diet sodas youve with information drinking coffee In June I stopped drinking coffee and cut WAY back on sodas. I cant say I cut out sodas because I still have one occasionally. When you cut something out that your body depends on for waking you up, you have to have a substitute or you will go right back to your old ways.

Now the question: why in the world would I cut out coffee and... Read More

Espresso culture seattle ites

The picture of espresso culture seattle ites and birthplace grunge music with jimi hendrix pearl Anyone who has have you heard of or visited Seattle knows that the city is renowned for a number of things but most commonly its unique and dedicated espresso culture. Seattle-ites get their coffee culture very seriously and the city has a many coffee shops upon every avenue. Some of... Read More

School cruise days

The picture of school cruise days and school kids teachers with parents days peace. On this day four years ago my Dad died. In a few weeks I will be turning forty. I was thinking about this and thought it would be an interesting idea to put a mozaic together of photos showing my Dad and I at aged 40 and also aged 14, the age I was when Dad turned 40.

Unfortunately although... Read More