Tempeh bolognese Almost Vegan

You can use any pasta shape you like in this. I have made it with spaghetti before, but you really need a shape that the sauce can cling towith spaghetti, I found myself slurping up the pasta and having to take a separate bite of sauce. I much prefer rotini. Penne would be good, too.

A note about bolognese

Interestingly enough, authentic bolognese is nothing like the version found outside of Italy. The real stuff, which originated in Bologna (of course), has almost no tomato in... Read More

Chef inge critiques

The picture of chef inge critiques and week chef inge with sauce tomato sauce This week at NEACA we focused on stocks, sauces, thickening agents, wet cooking methods (i.e. poaching, steaming, and other methods that use water/drinkable liquids for cooking), and dry cooking methods (i.e. frying, sauting, and other cooking methods that use oil for cooking). We started cooking this week, which means that we break into assigned... Read More

March madness basketball

I have to admitI dont get March Madness. Basketball has never been a favorite sport of mine to watch but friends and family certainly seems to enjoy it. And when you get a group of people together with terrific food its always an enjoyable time, whether youre a sport fan or not.

I recently prepared this tasty dish as a test for future events. Greg and I really enjoyed it and I froze the leftovers for easy meals any night of the... Read More

Food and drink

The picture of Food and drink and Personal life with Sauce Julys popup supperclub event was purely English in inspiration after all, this is the time of year where we dont needto fantasise were anywhere else! But itd be dull if Id done it without a twist, and the dishes I chose had South East Asian riffs on the traditional Blighty fare.

The first Saturday of the month, the weather was warm and wed had a blazing week (as,... Read More

Valentine s Day Giveaway

The picture of stuff valentines day whats and miraval resort spa tucson with book couple months Do you have anything exciting planned for this holiday weekend? Since Valentines Day is a chance to get all lovey-dovey, its time for us to get SWEET or savory, if thats more your style. And guess what? I have a FREE copy of Miravals Sweet & Savory Cookingfor one lucky winner. Free stuff on Valentines Day whats not to love,... Read More