Wine and Cheese Please

The picture of schoolyard laugh lot and travel partners hilary with foot church anyone Whenever Hilary and I get together after being apart for six weeks were like a couple of giggling gals gossiping in a schoolyard. We laugh a lot but also have many serious conversations about life and love that involve crying and hugging. These sessions usually involve one or more bottles of Prosecco, wine, cheese, figs, spreads, breads, etc.... Read More

Brothers wedding cake extravaganza

The picture of brothers wedding cake extravaganza and cake baking process with wedding cake baking Geez its been a while since my last post (58 days to be exact) and a lot has happened in that short amount of time. You would remember from my last couple of posts HERE and HERE that I was embarking on my brothers wedding cake extravaganza. Thankfully I got the cake there... Read More

Boulevard Chocolate Alternatives

The picture of boulevard chocolate ale and yesterday kansas city with differences chocolate beers As many of you know, Boulevard Chocolate Ale was released yesterday in Kansas City. Just like last years release, it sold out extremely fast. (Oddly enough, it has been available in Springfield, Missouri for nearly three weeks.) I noticed on facebook and twitter that... Read More

History of Crafting Beer

The picture of part history drinking and craft beer today with television commercials television Beer has been around for centuries. Be a part of history by drinking some of our featured craft beer today!

Have you ever wondered where beer came from and why craft beer is especially popular? Well, this beverage has been on the scene longer than its television commercials or television in general. Lets take a look at the... Read More

Ninjas battle cry

I kid you not, thats how I say Quinoa in my head, just like a ninjas battle cry. But I try to pull it together and not say it out loud; people think Im weird enough as it is. Anyway, as promised, this week were talking quinoa. Quinoa is an ancient grain, once considered the gold of the Incas. Its actually a pseudocereal, as the edible portion is the tiny seed of the plant, and it is not a member of the grass Read More

Worst Beer Blog Ever

The picture of day fun food and sunscreen themofosfood truck with folk rock bandthe Saturday will be a day of fun, food and beer. The event encompass the street alongside the brewery (so you may want to bring a chair and possibly even sunscreen).TheMOFOSfood truck sell sumptuous bbq during the day andDonerKebabKingKarlwill be slinging some incredible Turkish fare from 6 to 11pm.... Read More