Tempeh bolognese Almost Vegan

You can use any pasta shape you like in this. I have made it with spaghetti before, but you really need a shape that the sauce can cling towith spaghetti, I found myself slurping up the pasta and having to take a separate bite of sauce. I much prefer rotini. Penne would be good, too.

A note about bolognese

Interestingly enough, authentic bolognese is nothing like the version found outside of Italy. The real stuff, which originated in Bologna (of course), has almost no tomato in... Read More

Mamma Mia! Carbs! Glorious Carbs!

The picture of recipes spaghetti bolognese focaccia and form comfort food with frost nose issue I am one of those people who, as soon as they are seized by an idea, must act on it immediately and can think of nothing else until the urge has been fulfilled. Today, halfway through my Biology lesson, I was seized by a sudden urge to eat spaghetti. Yes, spaghetti. If you’re of the observant type, you may have noticed that I... Read More

Vegan restaurant meals

About a week and a half ago, Nick and I ate at Johnny Carinos. Much to my chagrin, they claimed they didnt have whole wheat pasta (the other location Ive eaten at did!). Since I see no point in getting nutrition-less white pasta with marinara when eating out, I opted instead for something I liked the sound of but wouldnt normally get. I forget what this one was called, but its angel hair pasta with artichokes, black olives, capers, chopped... Read More

Yoga center type

The picture of yoga center type and yoga studio room with yoga retreat groups love I got a cooking job! Im helping out with prep, some cooking, and a lot of clean up for the Ancient Yoga Center. As I type this I just concluded 3 shifts in a row at AYC and I am happily exhausted. Basically Ancient Yoga Center hosts yoga retreats, providing meeting rooms, a large yoga studio, room and board for yoga retreat groups. I love the... Read More

Pici Handmade Tuscan Fat Spaghetti

The picture of ragu porcini mushroom sauce and oil grade flour with italian food market Pici, a hand made Tuscan fat spaghetti, is best made with an eggless, water-based dough to help keep this delicious, thick pasta from getting overly heavy and gummy.

Pici is often served with a garlic tomato sauce,

Allaglione (recipe follows) but can be served also with... Read More

March madness basketball

I have to admitI dont get March Madness. Basketball has never been a favorite sport of mine to watch but friends and family certainly seems to enjoy it. And when you get a group of people together with terrific food its always an enjoyable time, whether youre a sport fan or not.

I recently prepared this tasty dish as a test for future events. Greg and I really enjoyed it and I froze the leftovers for easy meals any night of the... Read More