Mikkeller nelson sauvin brut

The picture of mikkeller nelson sauvin brut and berliner weisse style with masters degree history Happy New Years Eve! I am a Champagne or sparkling wine proponent for your NYE toast. With that said, I believe there are a few beers that are not only appropriate as an alternative to sparkling wines but excellent in their own right and should be considered either in... Read More

Brothers isaac taylor

The picture of brothers isaac taylor and reading forrest mcdonalds novus with doubts acdcs wine portfolio The musical brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are in the process of developing an Indian Pale Ale which they plan to release in early 2016, and are going to name the beverage MMMHop after their biggest hit MMMBop. This just makes me sick and I am... Read More

Pair foods beer

The picture of pair foods beer and pumpkin lupulo hielo with fare chicken turkey As, I mentioned yesterday, I was fortunate enough to eat and drink some pretty amazing stuff on Thanksgiving with, of course, some pretty great people too. We did not try and pair foods to beer as much as we simply drank whatever we felt like. That said, we did enjoy some thanksgiving appropriate beers... Read More

5 Great Gifts For Beer Nerds!

The picture of bottle openers signs and option beer literature anyone with beer insiders guide It seems that every blogger and online news publication puts out one of these lists and many are very similar. Still, I do not want to be left out! Here are five great gifts that any passionate beer fan will appreciate, myself included.

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Kansas City Beer Guide

The picture of friend tad brewer and craft beer scene with kansas city kansas city My good friend Tad Brewer (yes a very fitting name for his beer nerdom) lives in Kansas City and works for a large alcohol distributor has provided a comprehensive beer bar guide to Kansas City. As you will notice, there is a lively craft beer scene and great beer is never far away in Kansas City.... Read More

Musings On Incorporating Wine Into Beer

The picture of beers wine barrels and use wine yeasts beers with brewerys emphasis innovation I am not going to go as far as saying that combining wine and beer is a trend nor is it a terribly new idea. But, I have noticed in 2016 that such combinations have become more common and often with impressive results. Of course, the manner in which they are combined is... Read More