Laura Castellini s Pizza

The picture of array inch round tins and toppingsgorgonzola tomato sauce with chair lauras crust The first time I ate Lauras pizza she made twenty-four of them for a group of six people. When we walked into her familys centuries-old walled garden in Radicondoli, her husband, Marco, showed us their wood-fired oven, which was alight with red coals. He said it would be... Read More

Tempeh bolognese Almost Vegan

You can use any pasta shape you like in this. I have made it with spaghetti before, but you really need a shape that the sauce can cling towith spaghetti, I found myself slurping up the pasta and having to take a separate bite of sauce. I much prefer rotini. Penne would be good, too.

A note about bolognese

Interestingly enough, authentic bolognese is nothing like the version found outside of Italy. The real stuff, which originated in Bologna (of course), has almost no tomato in... Read More

Mamma Mia! Carbs! Glorious Carbs!

The picture of recipes spaghetti bolognese focaccia and form comfort food with frost nose issue I am one of those people who, as soon as they are seized by an idea, must act on it immediately and can think of nothing else until the urge has been fulfilled. Today, halfway through my Biology lesson, I was seized by a sudden urge to eat spaghetti. Yes, spaghetti. If you’re of the observant type, you may have noticed that I... Read More

PAVLOVA do you have a food

The picture of friend mine texted and place friday night with place egg whites I know, I shouldnt say that. I usually prefer healthy food, but I have to admit that whipped cream is sooo good!

I mean, its obviously not the best food ever, but to have it once in a while its ok. Right?

Few days ago a friend of mine texted me saying:

How about a BBQ at my place on Friday night?

Sounds good!

And... Read More

Use almond milk

The picture of use almond milk and cafeaverdeslabit pot coffee with sorts coffee machine Drunk effectively, coffee can be great for you. Coffee has never ever been the bad aspect of the morning habit, its the sugar as well as cream that is included in it. Use almond milk instead of cream and also stevia or honey instead of sugar making your beverages healthier.

It is... Read More

And as a result make sure consistent that in case making juice

The picture of espresso maker treadmill and level caffeine aim with perfume exercise programs cooking Should you need perfect cup of coffee at their home you’ll be able to add picks. One could pursue equally your espresso maker, a treadmill among the different single serve coffee machines. This particular espresso maker would require a bit of a becoming... Read More