Husband isnt toddler

The picture of husband isnt toddler and bitch moment girl with yada yada apology So I debated on what to blog about and then use the excuse I never have time to sit and do this. Then I read them and j see how perfect everyones grammar is and here I am thinking.. Shit, I need to have a freaking personal proof reader to fit in here.

Today, as I sit locked in the bathroom- cause you all know as a mom.. Thats the only time... Read More

Denise Esser s Tales of Travel Blog Archive Aloha Hawaii

The picture of ways landing hawaii and airport dont need figure with customs worker approaches In some ways landing in Hawaii feels like being handed a bottle of water at the end of a marathon. Im in North America. My friend is picking me up from the airport so I dont need to figure out where Im going and how to get there. The unmistakable tropical smell and humidity permeates my senses as soon as I get off the plane. The... Read More

With love from Rome

The picture of stair master challenge and lots cats lots with palazzo scapucci legend 1.Its like a university town for Nuns and priests. Im not sure how the costumes work but I liken it to student nurses and midwives. I think the lighter colours mean you are young and inexperienced. Im quite fascinated by it and cant stop snapping photos of them! There seems to be lots of note taking in the churches. I would be making notes... Read More

Sun dont shine

Its been a shitty day. Earlier I was anxious to post about the progress I made on my novel, but my mojo disintegrated as the day progressed. Its been one of those days. You know, where youre so cranky that you want to piss all over everyone elses happy moods for offending you with their big fat ugly smiles? Oh sweetie you can shove that where the sun dont shine. And out of the kindness of my own heart, ILL HELP. Now bend over.

The day didnt start off badly, it just didnt start well.... Read More

Semesters btw order

If you had asked me five years ago if I would consider pursuing a nutrition-related career, I wouldve thought you were cuckoo. Well, thats why you never know what the future holds, bc Im currently on the road to becoming a Registered Dietitian! This complete change in my life course went against all odds. To start, the thought of going back to school was frightening, not to mention disheartening! I constantly questioned myself do I really want to be doing homework, Read More