Son jeromimos kourkoumelis

The picture of son jeromimos kourkoumelis and walt disney creation with danish cookies muffins Recently had the pleasure of meeting Peter and his son, Jeromimos Kourkoumelis. Seems as though 25 years ago, when Peter first opened the diner, he ordered his sign to read “Peter’s Pans” because he was making all his food in pans! However, the sign came back as “Peter Pan Diner” with a picture of Peter... Read More

Taking a Cheap Bite out of the Big Apple by Lauren

The picture of honeycomb business men and production assistant food commercials with home cases ice cream I heart New York. Yellow cabs buzzing by like bees on a honeycomb, business men dressed in dark suits darting in every direction like pinballs in a pinball machine, the kinetic energy of the city is mesmerizing. I was lucky enough to have lived five years in the city... Read More

Pici Handmade Tuscan Fat Spaghetti

The picture of ragu porcini mushroom sauce and oil grade flour with italian food market Pici, a hand made Tuscan fat spaghetti, is best made with an eggless, water-based dough to help keep this delicious, thick pasta from getting overly heavy and gummy.

Pici is often served with a garlic tomato sauce,

Allaglione (recipe follows) but can be served also with... Read More

Meal greg preps

Years ago my husband Greg and I discovered that while we love each other very much, we dont work well together in an office. Greg had converted our large bonus room in the house to a functional office area with built in cabinets and desks. It was perfect for both of us to work inFor about 5 minutes. Thats all it took. After 5 minutes of bickering about something computer related, we both decided that Greg would keep the new office for himself and I would take the original office downstairs.... Read More

Glass wine ingredients

The picture of glass wine ingredients and medium size sauce pan with sauteed spinach mushrooms This is the perfect meal for a Friday evening after a long week, it is a treat you can indulge in without splurging on the the calories. Also, it’s perfect paired with a glass of wine!


Begin by bringing the water to a boil in a medium size sauce pan. When the water begins to boil pour the orecchiette... Read More

This Week s Random Food

The picture of cravings restaurant champaign meat and carrots thanks mike with carb parade macaroni. Best photo first! This is Curry Udon Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables, from Cravings Restaurant in Champaign. Meat-Free Mike from Food For Thought suggested this, and it was excellent. I love the shape of the carrots. Thanks, Mike!

The picture of cravings...  <a id=Read More