The Cubicle s Backporch Volunteer

The picture of sub ham wheat bread and lettuce onion oil with dogs today lunch Im a water snob. I really dont like tap water, and usually drink bottled water. I have actually gotten better about it. I used to just drink Aquafina. Now I drink Nestle and Dasani. Im so cultured.

But anyways, so Im at Subwad (protecting the restaurant). You know, the one I blogged about before... Read More

School cruise days

The picture of school cruise days and school kids teachers with parents days peace. On this day four years ago my Dad died. In a few weeks I will be turning forty. I was thinking about this and thought it would be an interesting idea to put a mozaic together of photos showing my Dad and I at aged 40 and also aged 14, the age I was when Dad turned 40.

Unfortunately although... Read More

Airline bitches dont

The picture of airline bitches dont and hour plane trip with effn cart feet Thanks to all of you concerned loyal readersall three of you. I will be going to get an upper g.i. in a few weeks and figuring out what the deal is with my snake eating a cd, as my mother put it. And for you other loyal fans who have been wondering, where the heck is she? Im in Desperate need of her brilliant writingwell, we were on vacation.

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