Share moms blueberry

The picture of share moms blueberry and counter space work Our peach cobbler from all the peaches we picked turned out to be quite the success! I wasnt really sure what was going to happen since we couldnt find a recipe we were 100% happy with and kind of combined 2-3 to make our own.

Ps main request was that we DIDNT use rolled oats/oatmeal/etc. for the topping. My mom uses yellow cake mix... Read More

Another Day of Choices

The picture of christmas parade party and killer pie recipes with pecan pie recipe By no means is this a cooking blog, nor am I a big chef. I just make things that I get weird cravings for, and it usually works out, and sometimes it fails in an epic fashion. Tonight were supposed to go to a cookout with some of our good friends, and I have been asked to bring dessert. Well of course, I do not like to bring things that are not... Read More

Holiday Party Hosting Tips

The picture of week attire plan and host bartender cook housekeeper with beverages plan signature drink Invitees Pick the perfect number. Pick a comfortable number and do not overwhelm yourself. Have both old and new friends. Introduce new people to the group. Pick people that can make conversation flow without having to put a lot of effort into it.

Planning Plan out your week. Plan the menu early, and make your grocery... Read More

Jackfruit and Biscuits

The picture of nickname vegetable meat and asian grocery stores with world harvest foods. So what the heck is jackfruit? Its a large (up to 80 lbs!), somewhat-obscure Asian fruit that shows up in Thai cooking. When green and unripe, it has a firm, stringy, chicken-like texture, earning it the nickname vegetable meat. Its not fruit-like at all, and definitely not sweet. Its what I would call neutral. In its ripened state, it... Read More

Birthday Cake Pops Decorative Cookies

The picture of sister law suzanne and chocolate sponge chocolate ganache with gumpaste flower tips Its a lot of fun when you get to make something for family and more so when you get to surprise them! My sister-in-law Suzanne turned 40 this week, and she thought she was just going out to dinner with her husband. But somehow he managed to gather her close friends without... Read More

Accidental Vegetables 2008

The picture of jimbo pizza grinnell iowa and fun place work with dab ranch dressing As I’ve mentioned before, I worked at Jimbo’s Pizza in Grinnell Iowa for a couple of years during college. I mostly worked in the kitchen making pizza and prepping for the other stuff on the menu.

I’ve been nostalgic about the whole Jimbo’s experience recently because there’s a new group on Facebook dedicated... Read More