Laura Castellini s Pizza

The picture of array inch round tins and toppingsgorgonzola tomato sauce with chair lauras crust The first time I ate Lauras pizza she made twenty-four of them for a group of six people. When we walked into her familys centuries-old walled garden in Radicondoli, her husband, Marco, showed us their wood-fired oven, which was alight with red coals. He said it would be... Read More

Hope opportunities awe

The picture of hope opportunities awe and methods insulin levels with almond butter peanut butter Short-term fasts like these are simple to do and they also provide a way to cut your caloric intake rather easily. Imagine knocking off two full days worth in calories from what you may have been taking into one’s body. It makes the plan of reducing that far more easy.

Various other idea, instead of blue flour, use... Read More

Mod podge glitter

So with permission from the lovely Michelle at From Home, Id love to share this adorable ornament idea! It is extremely easy and uses only THREE ingredients! THREE! That doesnt include the Mod Podge, glitter, permanent marker or ribbon of course but it doesnt get any more DIY for cheap than this For those who do not have Mod Podge, Elmers glue (or similar liquid glue) mixed with water will give the same general effect in sealing the finished baked ornament. For this project you will... Read More