6 Financial Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Halloween

The picture of value comparison shopping and process comparison shopping with shopsavvy redlaser tocompare Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party for the kids this year, or everyone’s getting ready for trick-or-treating, working with a budget cankeep your Halloween costs down.

The National Retailer Federation predicts consumers will spend $6.9 billion... Read More

Decorating christmas tree

Black eye. And tonight is my companys holiday party. Fan-fucking-tastic. It probably needs a stitch or two, but as someone with a huge scar from surgery across my knee, I dont go around getting stitches for just any damn little thing.

It started last night. All my friends were busy and so I guiltlessly started on last nights plan to have a nice night in, complete with buying and decorating a Christmas tree.

I went to a... Read More

Lover lovers lovers lovers

The picture of lover lovers lovers lovers and enrique iglesais dont with somebodys camera phone All clubs and CDs are going to be reviewed on a scale of how intoxicated you have to be in-order to enjoy them. Our scale will be out of Ten Pints. Needing to drink ten pints to enjoy a place or a CD is pretty bad. Not needing to drink and still having the party/listening experience of your life means that youre in paradise or that... Read More

When Life Doesn t Work

The picture of account course activities and life jesus christ prayer with life girl schedule First of all, we need to understand what life really means. There are many diverse definitions but I intend to dwell on three definitions that I made up:

1.An account or course of activities and series of events that distinguishes a functional thing from non-functional... Read More

2 Weeks Vegan The Experiment

The picture of vegetables grains legumes fruits and weeks wasnt challenge with kind diet none Yep, this grass-fed steak loving, pastured eggs enamored, burrata obsessed gal went full-on vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and nuts.

And you guys, I actually hate to say this, but Ive never felt better.


I... Read More

Coconut pound cake

Its now no big huge secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love it so much that I have been dressing up every year since I was 8 years old, including the past 8 Halloweens that I have spend living in NYC as an adult.

But besides wanting to feel a little bit sexy on Halloween when I dress up, the thing I love most about the holiday is the delicious treats. A couple weeks ago I got some amazing brownie cake pops at work. Ive actually been obsessed with cake pops for a while and... Read More