Share moms blueberry

The picture of share moms blueberry and counter space work Our peach cobbler from all the peaches we picked turned out to be quite the success! I wasnt really sure what was going to happen since we couldnt find a recipe we were 100% happy with and kind of combined 2-3 to make our own.

Ps main request was that we DIDNT use rolled oats/oatmeal/etc. for the topping. My mom uses yellow cake mix... Read More

How to be a Redneck Recipe Edition

The picture of post part series and pound cake recipe with cream cheese frosting Ive been going through my cookbooks, and I had SUCH a hard time picking out what to share with yall, because I could really make this post a 24 part series. There are lots of things I am leaving out. But I hope this will get you off to a good start, because food around here is seriously about being... Read More

Strawberry rhubarb cobbler

The picture of strawberry rhubarb cobbler and love strawberry rhubarb pies with strawberry rhubarb pie Earlier today Cindy had mentioned that she was in the process of making a Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler, and I was instantly jealous of the people that would get to partake in such a yummy treat. I love strawberry rhubarb pies and jellies, but theyre hard to come by here unless someone makes them. I bought myself a strawberry... Read More

Vegan biscuits and gravy

I got home from work on Monday thinking I would make the scrambled tofu in Vegan with a Vengeance, but I didnt have the necessary vegetables. I browsed through the adjacent pages instead, and was hit with a bolt of inspiration when I realized I had tempeh in my fridge. Three recipes, a truckload of dirty dishes, and an hour later, I emerged from my kitchen flour-dusted, sweaty, and triumphant.

As it turns out, making vegan biscuits and gravy is quite an endeavor. But despite the fact... Read More

Metro card note

Morning yall! Its HOT here in DCbut Im sure you southern ladies can relate. I met some friends for happy hour last night and all of the tourists getting on the metro looked wilted. Kids were pouring sweat and looked grumpy, Moms and Dads had that tone in their voices and everyone seemed confused on how to buy a metro card. Note-while bringing your kids to experience the history of DC is wonderful, doing it during the scorching hot months of July and August is not. Do yourselves a favor and... Read More