Wine and Cheese Please

The picture of schoolyard laugh lot and travel partners hilary with foot church anyone Whenever Hilary and I get together after being apart for six weeks were like a couple of giggling gals gossiping in a schoolyard. We laugh a lot but also have many serious conversations about life and love that involve crying and hugging. These sessions usually involve one or more bottles of Prosecco, wine, cheese, figs, spreads, breads, etc.... Read More

VooDoo BBQ Grill, a Melting Pot of Barbecue

The picture of chain barbecue place and founders voodoo bbq grill with customers minute mini vacation There are about four places in the country that think that they invented barbecue and barbecue is their staple, and all of them have a different way of doing it and all are very good. New Orleans is kind of a melting pot of lots of different cultures and food... Read More

Channeling Rick Bayless

The picture of appetizer dessert purchase and chefs rick bayless with chef masters ricks Braised Short Ribs with Arbol Chiles, White Beans, Mushrooms and Beer – I loved this recipe because you prepare most of it ahead of time and the result is delicious. Spoon the beans and other ingredients around the ribs just before serving. You could serve this meal on its own with corn tortillas.

The best advice I ever... Read More

Comfort Food Hearty Pot Roast

The picture of half kevins bedroom and scheme things isnt with kitchen cooking something Kevin and I busted our butts on Monday to empty what we could of the PODS pod we rented for the move. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the pod before we started to unpack it was literally packed to the brim. It looked like the worlds most complicated game of Tetris. The upside is that we were able to unload everything except... Read More

Chef inge critiques

The picture of chef inge critiques and week chef inge with sauce tomato sauce This week at NEACA we focused on stocks, sauces, thickening agents, wet cooking methods (i.e. poaching, steaming, and other methods that use water/drinkable liquids for cooking), and dry cooking methods (i.e. frying, sauting, and other cooking methods that use oil for cooking). We started cooking this week, which means that we break into assigned... Read More

Bodybuilding plan demands

The picture of bodybuilding plan demands and anabolic cooking cookbook with shop solution mouth In conjunction with consuming the greatest foods, a constant workout schedule that mixes strength and endurance training will help you add muscle. Even so the issue just isn’t just ideas on how to consume lots of protein and complicated carbs for the right occasions to assist your muscle tissues to grow adequately. Proteins are... Read More