Rosemary heat grill pan

The picture of rosemary heat grill pan and pastry brush brush vegetables with pepper grill batches Cut the head of garlic to expose all of the cloves. Drizzle the EVOO over the cut end to coat the cloves. Press the cut garlic into the rosemary, coating the ends of the cloves completely. Season with salt and pepper, and wrap garlic head in foil. Roast 45 minutes then let cool.

Mash cooled roasted garlic into a paste,... Read More

5 Things I Learned From My Cleanse

Although I rarely had a perfect day while on the Quantum Wellness Cleanse during my Cleanse Month (from February 1st-February 28th), I did learn a lot about myself and my nutrition habits this past month. While I took on the challenge of not having any sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten or animal products during this time, there are definitely spots where I could have done better- and places where I think I did just fine.

Last time I tried this cleanse (on a former blog), I said that... Read More

Wendy williams talks

The picture of wendy williams talks and fab reason kudos with name miles redd The always entertaining Wendy Williams talks about the “friends in her head” quite often, those great people that she would love to get to know and be friends with for some fab reason. Kudos to her for coining that great, and hilarious, phrase! Well I have to admit that I also have a friend in my head, and his name is Miles Redd.... Read More

Shibuya station area

The picture of shibuya station area and japan tv star hahaha with things japanese japanese The Associate arrives and we immediately leave the Apple store and head down to get some food. As we`re walking back through Shibuya station area I see some people filming (looks like TV filming) I try to walk around but I see them coming closer and closer and CLOSER with the camera (Wait wait wait.) too late, I`m on TV!! They look at me... Read More