Another Day of Choices

The picture of christmas parade party and killer pie recipes with pecan pie recipe By no means is this a cooking blog, nor am I a big chef. I just make things that I get weird cravings for, and it usually works out, and sometimes it fails in an epic fashion. Tonight were supposed to go to a cookout with some of our good friends, and I have been asked to bring dessert. Well of course, I do not like to bring things that are not... Read More

Delicious Mini Cakes

The picture of side grease cupcake tins and paper case level tablespoon with teaspoon cupcake mixture Cupcakes are pastry dishes that can stimulate your tongue and create a mood that makes you crave for more of it. Both young and old alike, simply enjoy sweets, and cupcakes have always been an all time favourite.

You can makecupcakes yourself just like... Read More

Brothers wedding cake extravaganza

The picture of brothers wedding cake extravaganza and cake baking process with wedding cake baking Geez its been a while since my last post (58 days to be exact) and a lot has happened in that short amount of time. You would remember from my last couple of posts HERE and HERE that I was embarking on my brothers wedding cake extravaganza. Thankfully I got the cake there... Read More

PAVLOVA do you have a food

The picture of friend mine texted and place friday night with place egg whites I know, I shouldnt say that. I usually prefer healthy food, but I have to admit that whipped cream is sooo good!

I mean, its obviously not the best food ever, but to have it once in a while its ok. Right?

Few days ago a friend of mine texted me saying:

How about a BBQ at my place on Friday night?

Sounds good!

And... Read More

Holiday Party Hosting Tips

The picture of week attire plan and host bartender cook housekeeper with beverages plan signature drink Invitees Pick the perfect number. Pick a comfortable number and do not overwhelm yourself. Have both old and new friends. Introduce new people to the group. Pick people that can make conversation flow without having to put a lot of effort into it.

Planning Plan out your week. Plan the menu early, and make your grocery... Read More

Knee brace water belt

I have about 7 weeks until the Rock-n-Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon. I missed my long run the week beforebecause I left my knee brace, water belt and ipodin Kingston, so I had to wait for Mom to mail it all back to me.Fail.And, p.s., whoever said you only need to grab tennis shoes and head out when you run has never been on a run with me. Im loaded down, baby!I thought about running without it so I would make sure and get the miles in, but... Read More