Very best Beer in Europe

The picture of lips fact beer and portion european society with europe favourite days When you feel European drinks, you almost certainly conjure up French wine, Italian Limoncello, Russian vodka, probably Greek ouzo if you happen to be adventurous. Beer, even though always a trustworthy standby, may well not be the very first name on your lips.

Fact is, Beer is as much a portion of European society as fine art, meals... Read More

Mikkeller nelson sauvin brut

The picture of mikkeller nelson sauvin brut and berliner weisse style with masters degree history Happy New Years Eve! I am a Champagne or sparkling wine proponent for your NYE toast. With that said, I believe there are a few beers that are not only appropriate as an alternative to sparkling wines but excellent in their own right and should be considered either in... Read More

Boulevard Chocolate Alternatives

The picture of boulevard chocolate ale and yesterday kansas city with differences chocolate beers As many of you know, Boulevard Chocolate Ale was released yesterday in Kansas City. Just like last years release, it sold out extremely fast. (Oddly enough, it has been available in Springfield, Missouri for nearly three weeks.) I noticed on facebook and twitter that... Read More

Pair foods beer

The picture of pair foods beer and pumpkin lupulo hielo with fare chicken turkey As, I mentioned yesterday, I was fortunate enough to eat and drink some pretty amazing stuff on Thanksgiving with, of course, some pretty great people too. We did not try and pair foods to beer as much as we simply drank whatever we felt like. That said, we did enjoy some thanksgiving appropriate beers... Read More

Beer wine cellar

The picture of beer wine cellar and brick store pub with sweetwater brewing company I apologize for my lighter post count lately, June has proved to be an extremely busy month. In case you were wondering, I am moving to Cape Coral Florida this weekend. Saturday will be my last day at the Brown Derby International Wine Center and on Sunday I load up my Jeep with the girlfriend,... Read More

Terms flavor profiles

Yes, Oktoberfest season is well underway and Marzens (as well as pumpkin beers which I will discuss soon..) have been on the shelves since October and of course some are made year round. With October a few days away, I thought this would be an excellent time to take a quick look at the style and a few of my favorites (so far this year).

The terms, Marzen and Oktoberfest names are often usedinterchangeably. However, there is a slight difference between the styles both historically and... Read More