Mikkeller nelson sauvin brut

The picture of mikkeller nelson sauvin brut and berliner weisse style with masters degree history Happy New Years Eve! I am a Champagne or sparkling wine proponent for your NYE toast. With that said, I believe there are a few beers that are not only appropriate as an alternative to sparkling wines but excellent in their own right and should be considered either in... Read More

Worst Beer Blog Ever

The picture of day fun food and sunscreen themofosfood truck with folk rock bandthe Saturday will be a day of fun, food and beer. The event encompass the street alongside the brewery (so you may want to bring a chair and possibly even sunscreen).TheMOFOSfood truck sell sumptuous bbq during the day andDonerKebabKingKarlwill be slinging some incredible Turkish fare from 6 to 11pm.... Read More

Bells stock order

The picture of bells stock order and news bells brewery with weekend sierra nevada bigfoot I found the following article on (one of the best sources for beer news out there). Since Bells is one of my favorite breweries any news concerning the future of that company is very important to me. Essentially, Larry Bell (largest shareholder and founder) wants to buy back all of... Read More

Brothers isaac taylor

The picture of brothers isaac taylor and reading forrest mcdonalds novus with doubts acdcs wine portfolio The musical brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are in the process of developing an Indian Pale Ale which they plan to release in early 2016, and are going to name the beverage MMMHop after their biggest hit MMMBop. This just makes me sick and I am... Read More

5 Great Gifts For Beer Nerds!

The picture of bottle openers signs and option beer literature anyone with beer insiders guide It seems that every blogger and online news publication puts out one of these lists and many are very similar. Still, I do not want to be left out! Here are five great gifts that any passionate beer fan will appreciate, myself included.

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Beer wine cellar

The picture of beer wine cellar and brick store pub with sweetwater brewing company I apologize for my lighter post count lately, June has proved to be an extremely busy month. In case you were wondering, I am moving to Cape Coral Florida this weekend. Saturday will be my last day at the Brown Derby International Wine Center and on Sunday I load up my Jeep with the girlfriend,... Read More