The People Crave Berries, and I Do Too

The picture of fasting vegan food and days hours minutes seconds I owe you an apology, don’t I? You’ve patiently listened to me going on and on about fasting, vegan food and smoked salmon, and never once have you complained. That’s very polite of you. It’s also very kind. Especially when you know that I know what you really crave. I do. Really. You want it, I want it, all people desire it. We all need... Read More

Side heh heh

Well, I think Sammy Kershaw said it best when he said he wanted to talk about anything but Politics, Religion, and her. I dont know who her is, but I promise not to talk to her, about her or with her as well as religion and politics. Whew!

The Dixie Chicks was an awesome concert. It was so much fun to just get out and go see some good live Read More

AnneMarie Ladlad Sagada Pt. 4 Planting, Weaving Spelunking

The picture of coffee tree cafelito and videos photos show with caving adventures half. On the fourth day of Sagada, we went on a short hike to a local coffee farm after breakfast. There, we planted our own coffee trees and seedlings. We got to write our name by our tree. I even named my coffee tree: Cafelito! (Little coffee, haha). Perhaps, one day, I will see a coffee bag with my name on itliterally.

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Kinds things deserts

The picture of kinds things deserts and water heater lowe with baby shower party Many people try to use their own individuality in order to come up with their own creations. For instance, one of the fastest growing deserts that is becoming popular for the holidays is a combination cheesecake and sweet potato pie. Basically you mix the base for both deserts, and you create one cake out of them. This has grown to be a very... Read More

Life theres resort

The picture of life theres resort and dream crusher tuesday with business loan thing On Monday, Ricardo and I decided it would be a great idea to buy a resort in Belize and run it. The average cost of living in Belize is $8,000. Its a simple beautiful life. Theres a resort for sale for just $400,000. We can totally do that. Right?

Its the murder of capital of the world. And granted, thats per capita, still, MURDER... Read More

2011 Jason tells it like it is!

Kate Middletonlooked absolutely stunningas she stepped out of her car, dressed in a modestAlexander McQueen creation,designed by Sarah Burton. I loved the dress, but what I loved more about herstylewas the fact she appeared effortless, flawless almost. Even though the Queen has refrained from labellingher grandsons wifea princess, in favour of the Duchess of Cambridge, in my opinion, Kate looked like the perfect picture of a modern day princess.

There I did it! If you want to read a... Read More