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The picture of share moms blueberry and counter space work Our peach cobbler from all the peaches we picked turned out to be quite the success! I wasnt really sure what was going to happen since we couldnt find a recipe we were 100% happy with and kind of combined 2-3 to make our own.

Ps main request was that we DIDNT use rolled oats/oatmeal/etc. for the topping. My mom uses yellow cake mix mixed with a stick of butter for the topping on her blueberry crisp which grew on P fast since yellow cake is his absolute favorite (and he loves butter too) but we werent really sure how it would turn out on a cobbler with fresh peaches. From what I can tell from searching online, the delicious yellow cake mix crumble should only be used for canned fillings in heavy syrup. Ill share my moms blueberry crisp recipe next week because its just THAT good and only has 3 ingredients. It doesnt get much simpler than that.

So, what DID we end up doing for our peach cobbler?

We made the cobbler on Sunday and had to go to the commissary anyway for the rest of the ingredients and went with the full intent of buying rolled oats but then we saw Krusteazs Cobbler Topping! It was cheaper, looked better, and was packaged in a quantity that we could use! Plus it had a recipe for peach cobbler on the back of the box! The picture links to where you can buy the topping online, so click on that if youre interested!

Now we had two recipes for cobbler, one from the back of the box and one from my friend Chelsea who bakes from scratch a TON. We decided to go with her recipe for the filling and the boxs recipe for the topping with a few additions of our own 🙂

First, we pulled out the peaches we had cut up and put in the freezer several days before. Technically you are supposed to peel them first but in our rush to get them frozen before they went bad, we did not. Our cobbler still turned out great though! We thawed the peaches a bit in the microwave since they were frozen together in Ziploc baggies. We used 4 cups of peaches. Following Chelseas recipe, we added a half cup of white sugar to go with them WAY more than the few tablespoons the box wanted us to add! We like our sweets 😉

For the topping, we followed all the instructions on the box (1 eggplus the mix in the box) but it accidentally got mixed too much which made it hard to crumble. That ended up being a good thing though because then we added about 1/8 cup of brown sugar to help it crumble more, and it turned out really good! We added the topping over the peaches and drizzled the melted butter over the top by now it was smelling pretty good 🙂 I thought some cinnamon sugar would taste good over the top so I sprinkled some of that on lightly too.

Our oven here cooks REALLY fast and about 35 minutes later, we pulled this out!

It is SO good! Im going to miss living near southern peaches when we move they really are that much better than any other peaches Ive tried.

Yeah it turned out pretty great 🙂 I miss baking so much. Ive never been much of a cooker, but I LOVE baking. I probably get that from my mom too haha. Hopefully our next home has a bigger kitchen that will make baking easier because I have the feeling I would bake a lot more if there was a bit more counter space to work with and I could leave my mixer out.

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