Are the Flaws of Green Coffee Beans

To know the flaws of green coffee beans is like knowing the best places to purchase them and like knowing how to roast them the right way. Anyone may experience flaws of green coffee beans not unless you regularly purchase them as high quality premium beans. There are times that you my come across defective beans especially if you buy them in bulk for home roasting. Here are the common flaws that one has to consider when purchasing green coffee beans. Read More

6 Processes behind Preserving Green Coffee Beans

The procedure of creating roasted coffee starts from the picking of berries from the plants. Commonly the farmers get the type of green coffee beans only, which are really the seeds of coffee berry. The picture of seeds coffee berry and coating coffee beans with fruit machine water.

Process #1: Picking

In most countries, the coffee crop is harvested by hand, a... Read More

How To Successfully Price Match at Walmart and Lower Your Grocery Bill!

** I updated this post as of 3/29/11 due to policy changes found HERE and HERE by Walmart Corporate.

Price matching at Walmart can lower your monthly grocery bill by at least 30%! And even more if you add coupons on top of it! It’s fairly easy to do and you don’t have to drive all around town to hit up the weekly sales at each store. Don’t get me wrong, I love supporting our local grocery stores but when I’m shopping with 3 kids and have a busy schedule to keep... Read More

AnneMarie Ladlad Community Livin in Brooklyn, Baby!

Livingin the concrete jungle is no joke. Thank Godfor the fact I lived in the city of Seattle for the past four years.It wasnt until I moved back to the suburbs in Renton, Washington this past summer that I realized I spent a majority of my life surrounded by nature. City living is just a different kind of lifestyle.

City living on an $100 stipendwhile trying to find time for community, focus on spirituality and fight for social... Read More

The Health Benefits Of Spinach

The picture of publix grocery store and chocolate cheese fondue lover with chain gourmet restaurant I have found an excellent merchandise. Jennie-O extra lean turkey breast is a food thing which I came across while grocery shopping. I found this thing in the local Publix grocery store. It was in the quick weight loss (Get the facts) fresh meat case beside the fresh big turkeys and hams. I meant that this product be dainty and... Read More

Taking a Cheap Bite out of the Big Apple by Lauren

The picture of honeycomb business men and production assistant food commercials with home cases ice cream I heart New York. Yellow cabs buzzing by like bees on a honeycomb, business men dressed in dark suits darting in every direction like pinballs in a pinball machine, the kinetic energy of the city is mesmerizing. I was lucky enough to have lived five years in the city... Read More