Day easter weekend

The slip is a relapsethat occurs after the alcoholic has stopped drinking for some time. slips usually occur in the early states of the recovery process, but may also occur after many months or even several years.

The picture of day easter weekend and thats right folks with part mass transit. last thursday, on my third day of work, i was taken out to a swank lunch by my new... Read More

Boxing monte python

Tonight, after andy got home from work, the four of us snuggled close and watched the worlds strongest man competition together with many oohs and ahhhs punctuating the various mind-blowing human strength tests. it is insane how a person can actually pull a firetruck or toss 60 lb. rocks around like they were eggs. i was brought back to my youth in which i watched the same competition with my dad year after year. wed clench our teeth, grimace for those who struggled and celebrate with our... Read More