Custom seed packets as a promotional giveaway

The picture of fun way market and number print options logos with mail postcard packets hand Are you looking a fun way to market your business or organization? Do youll need a fun and original idea for party favors? Then you should discover custom seed packets.

Custom seed packets appear in a number of print options. Logos are generally printed within the 1 to 2... Read More

Speakeasy friday evening

Kylies ute and the four of us ventured down the Great Eastern Highway towards the turn off for Hyden! Initially I had thought that in order to retain accountability and keep true to the balance, it would be best to attempt to keep blogging. When I woke up on Saturday morning, however, I was struck by a few signs that led me to commit instead to a weekend away from it all. I abandoned my plans to run & keep up my

Burpee Challenge, and though I was still determined to eat healthy... Read More

Accidents coincidence anecdote

The picture of accidents coincidence anecdote and wedding gift jane with thoughjanes motherhad warnedher Its strange how things have a way of coming full circle in my life. It wasnt but a few days ago that I was relating this story to a friend in an attempt to explain a feeling. But then, I dont believe in accidents or coincidence.

An Anecdote:

When Jane was in grade school, her mother had a dish exactly like the... Read More

Time couple weeks

The picture of time couple weeks and year hope youre with york visit parents florida. I love brunch.

Earlier this year I wrote about how to have a healthy brunch and spent the rest of the year indulging in my favorite weekend activity.

Granted, Im not one of those people that goes to brunch every single weekend. Honestly, I just cant afford that. But on average I probably had brunch twice a month and loved it... Read More


The picture of roads gaze transfixed and messers cockboss fuckfast with homecoming style greeting Standing in Prestwick Airport,after a crazy drive through one of Scotlands worst roads,my gaze transfixed on the Arrivals Gate,when out they came………

Messers CockBoss n Fuckfast came rolling through the gate looking similar to Jonny Depp as Hunter S Thompson in Fear n Loathing.And your clanleader though... Read More